Volume 0 Issue 003

| TestNet News | Jan 27th, MY 153 |

Highs, Lows on TestNet

Incredible Successes and Frustrating Downtime

Three days in, and the "TestNet Client" is all anyone seems to be talking about around the colony.

Testers have been performing increasingly more actions on the repurposed redundant distributed computer system salvaged from the Arvad, simulating a thriving Adalia Prime and a bustling belt beyond. Citizens who complete specific tasks will be allocated "SWAY", Adalia's new decentralized meritocratic social credit currency proposed by the Council.

Some testers have also continued to squander the opportunity by engaging in the popular pastime of transponder graffiti, drawing - among other things - a massive spiral at the southern pole and a long curving lines across an entire hemisphere. Someone has started a game of tic-tac-toe 18 kilometers to a side (which as of publication was still unresolved).

But it has not been a perfect success, however. Things ground to an abrupt halt when the TestNet stopped confirming actions for three hours. Chief Technology Officer Petros Vallois is quoted as saying, "look, the ShipNet platform just wasn't designed with something like this in mind! It's held up admirably and will continue to do so again shortly, just as soon as we get it running again. Our tools will have to adapt and overcome, just like we have."