Volume 0 Issue 002

| TestNet News | Jan 26th, MY 153 |

TestNet a Success

Prime Council's Plot Pays Off

While the Prime Council has had its share of detractors recently as debate still rages about the feasibility of their bold and potentially impossible plans for settling Adalia, support for its “TestNet” initiative has been broadly positive. Since launching in the middle of Second Watch yesterday, a significant portion of the population of the new Adalia Prime colony has connected their Muses to the alternate network and done tens of thousands of simulated actions there.

While many people are focused on the intended purpose of gaining experience with the concepts of asteroid mining, some testers have also taken the opportunity to “leave their mark” on Adalia Prime in a more literal way. At least five different testers have written their names or drawn pictures in letters a dozen kilometres high across the surface of the big asteroid with empty warehouses and stilled extractors.

When interviewed about it, cartographer Markus Korivak was quoted as saying, “'My backwards ‘P’ thingie'? It’s called a pilcrow! Seriously, look it up on ShipNet. Your editor is probably very disappointed in you!” (I really am. -Ed.)