Volume 0 Issue 001

| TestNet News | Jan 25th, MY 153 |

TestNet Going Live

Prime Council Using Game Theory To Settle Belt

Later today, the Prime Council will be launching its "TestNet". Using the redundant backup ShipNet distributed computer as its basis, the Council has stripped out all the usual software and deployed in its place what it simply calls "the Client", which run a detailed simulation of the Adalian Belt.

While it is a perfect replica of all visable parts of the belt, it does not have accurate data for the mineral compostition of any asteroid other than Adalia Prime. It does, however, have the most precise model of likely mineral wealth currently available to us, which Subject Matter Experts have been hard at work on for years now.

All Specialists and Citizens are encouraged to use this simulation once it goes live to help the Council plan our colonization of the belt.