Volume 0 Issue 000

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Depressurization Disaster

Aft Ag Deck 16 Total Loss, One Dead

In the early hours of September 12th, Aft Ag Deck 16 suffered a complete loss of pressure into space. At this time, it is unknown what caused this to happen, although it is a matter of public record that shipbreaking was happening in this area recently and the rib hallway to aft of the deck in question had been removed before this incident.

Head of Security Sadleman issued a statement early first watch at 08:30, stating that he and the High Commander were notified of the emergency and have the situation under control. He added that there was unfortunately one crew member in the Ag Deck when it depressurized and that they are assumed to have perished. He did not disclose the name of the crewmate. He would not elaborate on the situation beyond his initial statement when questioned, stating only that a full investigation was underway and the results would be shared later.

If correct, this marks the first accidental death as part of shipbreaking.

Support for the High Commander and her colonization plan remains low throughout the ship. What effect this accident has on public opinion remains to be seen, but several factions within the ship are already releasing statements critical of the plan to dismantal the Arvad citing safety concerns. The High Commander could not be reached for a statement before publication.